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ELONGATED WOODEN CABINS BY KAMVARI ARCHITECTS TO BE BUILT ALONG TRANS- SIBERIAN as design pit stops along the world’s longest railway line, by proposing a series of wooden cabins that look like elephants’ trunks.

At one end, each structure is designed to resemble a traditional gabled cabin, while the other end is stretched out and raised up towards the sky.

2639 DUNDAS ST W condo devo.

Full documentation here

Ward 14 – Tor & E.York District


Canadian Feather fire 1905

Canadian Feather & Mattress Company, Melinda St.,north side, east of Bay St., fire ( May 9, 1905)


Taken just a year and a few weeks after the Great Toronto Fire of 1904, this dramatic shot of the fire at the Canadian Feather & Mattress Company on Melinda St. just east of Bay Street, illustrates the difficulty that the new taller buildings posed to firefighters. The relatively newly-developed elevator technology of the day allowed building to be built taller than ever before — far outstripping the fire department’s ability to propel water!

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1905

Identifier: B 4-92e

Format: Picture

Rights: Public domain

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.

What is a food system?


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What is a food system? A food system gathers all the elements (environment, people, inputs, processes, infrastructures, institutions, etc.) and activities that relate to the production, processing, distribution, preparation and consumption of food, and the outputs of these activities, including socio-economic and environmental outcomes (HLPE, 2014. Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems. A report by the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition of the Committee on World Food Security, Rome 2014).


What is a food strategy? Food strategies can take many forms, and are conditioned by their local context. We refer to the term ‘food strategy’ as a process consisting of how a city envisions change in its food system, and how it strives towards this change. Food strategies aim to place food on the urban agenda, capitalizing on efforts made by existing actors and creating synergistic effects by linking different stakeholder groups. For this purpose, a Food Strategy is the document which sets out a long-term vision for food in a given area/multiple areas (e.g., securing food security, ensuring food commercial vibrancy reducing food waste). The key priorities outlined in a food strategy are variable, depending on the local need of the community.


What is an food action plan? A Food Action Plan (or a Food Implementation Plan) sets out the priority projects, and the key partnerships, needed to move from strategy to action.  An action plan covers the delivery period of the projects and activates that will be implemented over a fixed time period. The action plan reaffirms the strategy’s priorities themes, but it aims to focus on the delivery of those priorities. An action plan has three major elements (1) Specific tasks: what will be done and by whom. (2) Time horizon: when will it be done. (3) Resource allocation: what specific funds are available for specific activities.


What is a “food policy”? A food policy is the sum total of food actors actions, from signals of intent to the final outcomes, which effect how food is produced, processed, distributed, purchased, protected and disposed.  A food policy does not always need laws (in some cases, for instance, food policies can be made without any new laws). In other words, the law is only one of the ingredients which constitute a policy. A food policy is in fact the result of a set of activities: agenda setting, policy making, implementation process and evaluation.

Humber River ice 1929

Humber River, looking west from east end of bridge between Catherine St. & Old Mill Rd., Toronto, Ont.


A cold Friday winter view of the Humber River, looking west from east end of bridge between Catherine Street and Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario,1929

Creator: Moore & Nixon-James

Date: 1929

Identifier: 980-9-486

Format: Picture

Rights: Public domain

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.

High Park Library Christmas 1940


High Park Library Christmas 1940

A cosy, warm picture for a cold, blustery week: Toronto Public Library staff member Marjorie Bullard reads in the Children’s section, ensconced in the inglenook of the High Park library’s fireplace. This photograph was taken by her brother, Maurice, at Christmastime in 1940. Marjorie worked in several branches in her 45 years of service, and retired from the Locke branch in 1973.

Creator: Bullard, Maurice, 1899-1967

Date: 1940

Identifier: TPL-A-0160

Format: Picture

Rights: Public domain

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.

Sarah Hall on the stained glass windows of St. Olave’s Church. Wednesday, December 7th 7:15 pm Swansea Town Hall

Wednesday, December 7th 7:15 pm Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia) – The Swansea Historical Society presents Janice Douglas and Sarah Hall on the stained glass windows of St. Olave’s Church.

Janice Douglas is the People’s Warden at St. Olave’s Church in Swansea, and Sarah Hall is a distinguished Canadian stained-glass artist, with many spectacular installations to her credit, in Toronto and elsewhere.

Janice and Sarah will team up to present an illustrated talk about twelve of the glorious windows of St. Olave’s Church that were specially designed and created for the parish church by the talented and renowned Canadian artist Yvonne Williams (1901-1997).

West Toronto Junction Historical Society, Meeting, Thursday, December 7, 2017

WTJHS December Meeting, Thursday, December 7, 2017 starting at 7:00 pm. Join the WTJHS members for our annual night of celebration and good cheer! This year we will be meeting at the Annette Public Library. We will be previewing the video from the August 2017 Event “Walk the 6 West: History on the Humber”, and we are planning other fun events for the evening! Include this event on your Holiday schedule.

Please bring a treat, snack or other refreshments to share at the December Meeting. If you are able to bring refreshments to the meeting please send an e-mail to

Please note the time changes:
• The Archives will open at 6 pm
• Set up – 6:30 pm
• Announcements – 7:00 pm
• Walk the 6 West: History on the Humber Video – 7:15 pm
• Social time

The number of trucks passing Keele St and Dundas St. W daily is astounding.


This data is the latest from the MTO, later in the report it states the MTO May only be capturing 40 of traffic counts, so the combined with this fact and the increasing activity in the intersection the number of trucks could be considerably higher.

Today, CPR. Rail Canadian Holiday Train in the Junction Nov 28th

750 Runnymede Road, in front of Lambton Yard

2017-11-28 8:15 PM 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Performers Colin James and Emma Lee



The CP Holiday Train program launched in 1999 and has since raised more than C$13 million and four million pounds of food for communities along CP’s routes in Canada and the United States.


Bloor Street Viaduct under construction, Apron wall forms, March 10, 1917

This picture was taken during the construction of the Bloor Street viaduct (a.k.a. the Prince Edward Viaduct) on March 10, 1917. RC Harris, one of Toronto’s great forward-thinking city-builders, insisted a subway track be constructed, even though no subway would run on those tracks for decades to come. His water filtration work saved the lives of hundreds of his contemporaries (and much of it is still in place today).

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1917

Identifier: Bloor Viaduct Album, v.5

Format: Picture

Rights: Public domain

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.

Black Friday at Snug As a Bug

Black Friday

Join us and celebrate Black Friday and Saturday extended hrs10-8 and save 30% store wild.

Snug as a bug is a local store in the heart of the Junction, Toronto, that carries a large variety of baby and kid’s gifts. Snug As a bug also designs a line of cozy and warm Canadian onesies for your entire family…even your pets.


More information:snugasabug

Snug As a Bug

3022 Dundas Street West

The renewed back of 150 Symes Rd is now the Front.