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Toronto GJA Councillors: Office Expense Reporting 2010 to 2011..oh the changes


During 2011 new councillors aimed and accomplished the reduction of their office budgets of their old counter parts, while returning councillors greatly reduced their spending. Is this all  simply political thrift, that has come about by the seeming dissatisfaction with the politicos running the city, or do the people really want their elected people saving ten to twenty thousand dollars of their office budget.

Considering that these budgets are used by the councillor to service their electors. Is there simply grater loss than the saving of the funds.


below the blog has captured the 2010 and 2011 spending amounts of the area councillors.


Descriptive text from City web site…

Each Councillor has an office expense budget to pay for expenses that are allowable under the Councillor Expense Policy. City Council, at its meeting of April 15, 2010, approved a 5% reduction in the office expense budget for each Councillor. The annual budget of $53,100 has been reduced to $50,445. As 2010 is an election year, Councillors are allocated 11/12ths of the approved office expense budget until the end of the Council term, November 30, 2010, therefore each Councillor has an office expense budget of $46,241.25. The remaining 1/12th of the budget is allocated to December for returning Councillors. New Councillors also receive 1/12th of the allocation, $4,203.75 for the month.The Mayor has an annual operating budget approved by Council. Expenses disclosed relate to non-salary expenditures from this budget.



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The west local gap and rights of access to the waterfront

The west local gap at Parkdale

This author has had the opportunity to walk west and then back again from St Josephs hospital in the past months quite a bit. What really struck during the walks was the what the blog is naming the west local gap – the west ends  portion of a problem that extends across the city.  The gap of continuity of place and neighborhood the Gardiner expressway and the QEW  as well as the Lakeshore Rd create between the west commnities and the waterfront.

The view above taken from the hospitals front is right across from one of the west waterfronts most beautiful areas. To arrive at this area one must walk almost three blocks east past the TTC yards to Queen St – cross to reach a pedestrian bridge, or walk about 4 blocks to the west and cross at 2 sets of lights traveling south.

Should these roads be moved underground?  Yes it would cost but the benefits would out weigh  the cost.

Royal Meat Bbq – local west BBQ restaurant 710 Kipling Ave

sept 7th 2009 012

Royal Meats  BBQ at 710  Kipling Ave caught the eye of this post author simply because of it’s stylish revamping of what once was a coffee shop. This place appeared  so well designed  seemed from the roadway and y wanting find a new place to eat in locally in the west end, while making a left hand turn it was decided to have dinner there.

The service was great, and the menu choices designed in  manner that you choose a from a front counter set up like a butcher shop.  In addition to the unique menu, the place has custom designed chairs and possibly tables, which are a interesting blend of water of laser cut thin aluminium sheet and steel, with the steel being powder coated a grey black smooth finish. The restaurant has a smooth colour palate   that blends everything wonderfully together.

Royal Meats Goggle Image search

Link to their ad video – it is worth the look as they provide their farm to restaurant model

link to menu open web page of a PDF

Review at Chowhound

BIG on Bloor – Culture works

Culture Works at the BIG on Bloor festival promises to be one the best organized and even more important, the best arts programed festivals in Toronto this year.

The people organizing this have developed a excellent model  a  re- imagining how best to support a community – both the businesses and the residents though the arts. Given the challenges in the community today their layered involvement  program model has succeeded in archiving a great amount of inclusiveness.  The organizations have succeeded in developing  a real appetite for all concerned parties to work together.  Big on Bloor and Dig in have always been wonderful at defining and combining different perceptions and the relieving  the difficulty of communication and partnership that often occur in the planning and running of community events.

Attending this event  will provide lots of thoughts stimulated by a hugely enjoyable experience.

Click to enlarge
CULTURE WORKS – a feature event of the BIG on Bloor Street Festival is a precedent setting street fair celebrating the arts and bringing the best that Toronto has to offer to Bloor and Lansdowne. Major cultural institutions and organizations like the AGO and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art sit alongside local Garnet/Abrams, annhomanART, Funktion Gallery and many others to offer unique and interactive programming for young and old.


Cost Effective Ways for Parks, Forestry and Recreation to Finance Projects

The Recreational Infrastructure Canada  program is a  federal  infrastructure fund that will invest $500 million in recreational facilities across Canada over a two-year period – starting this spring. Created to  provide a temporary economic stimulus  while renewing, upgrading and expanding recreational infrastructure.

The City of Toronto outlined in a recent staff report on March 20, 2009, it’s intention to explore the use of this fund to find cost effective ways the City of Toronto can finance the construction of new or expanded recreation facilities for multi-sports activities.

Their statement contents two important directional indicators, the city appears to want to take concerning recreation facilities.

1) To increase the move to multi-purpose recreation facilities instead of stand alone, single-purpose facilities.

text outtake from staff report…

In such facilities, rinks, pools, gymnasiums and tracks may be accommodated in one single building, providing economies of scale in terms of staffing, parking and utilities.

2) “to replace it’s aging infrastructure and to provide economies of scale and increased revenue opportunities

Eligible projects under the federal governments fifty-fifty cost share initiative

  • Arenas, gymnasia, swimming pools or sports fields;
  • Tennis, basketball, volleyball or other sport-specific courts;
  • Parks, fitness trails or bike paths; and
  • Other multi-purpose physical recreation facilities.

…will also:

  • Normally be for the rehabilitation or repair of recreational facilities;
  • Begin and materially conclude construction before March 31, 2011; and,
  • Be incremental, i.e. projects would not have occurred, as proposed, without support from RInC

Staff  report City of Toronto  [opens in new window]

Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program [opens in new window]

HOLLAND MARINE PRODUCTS leaving the Junction

The  two One  Tielen sons  (we have been properly admonished by Peter Tielen that he alone is the owner of HMP now) …This text is the blogs apology to him, and we stuck it in the middle of the post so everyone will see it. are moving their business out of the Junction down to the Lakeshore Rd., Mimico area. Their father ran this business for a long time before his sons began running  it some – well a lot  years ago.  A large part of the business during the earlier years was upholstery work for boats which their father was excellent at designing as well as the sale of boating goods.


another old Junction business leaves sadly…

just in case you didn’t know who /what this business was  from their site

Holland Marine Products® is a Marine Chandlery supplying hardware from the largest inventory in Ontario, if not Canada. We are the source for those parts that in the past were only available from manufacturers. All boating accessories, from hardware, navigational needs, sailing aids, maintenance products


Western Waterfront Master Plan – post 1

Outlined area represents study area

The city of Toronto is currently engaged in a Western Waterfront Master Plan study. The purpose of the is to study on the type and location of park facilities, improvements to transportation, transit and pedestrian links with surrounding neighbourhoods.

Aerial of Sunnyside Amusement Park 1926

Aerial of Sunnyside Amusement Park 1926

The Western Waterfront Master Plan covers the area south of High Park bounded by the Humber River to the west and Marilyn Bell Park in the east. the area is 41 hectares or 101 acres in size and four kilometres long.


Areas of possible "community" expansion

The railway tracks have divided the land north of the waterfront from the parkland since before the communities were created, and with the addition of the QEW expressway and Lake Shore Drive lane additions (1957) access to the the waterfront was severely cutoff.  Many people have experienced the very difficult and extremely unpleasant crossing of the road/track gap from Parkside Dr , Dunn Ave, or Ellis Rd and most any other point along the length of the study area. Reading though the city site (linked below) they  have a considerable number of ideas to create  more usable beach areas and public space.  Yet the connection to the communities though strolling and other means of simple access are not addressed.  Doing this without affecting the traffic which seems to be very important in Toronto, is going to require a expensive and large flyover of some sort, maybe more than one.  A unobstructed bridge object – one which is more than a bridge in fact a activity space itself, would greatly enhance the project each and every hour and every day for thousands of people.


City of Toronto overall project site

companies hired by the city to work on the project.

BAgroup BA Group (transportation planning and engineering services), in partnership with planningAlliance (planning and design practice), was awarded the project of developing the Master Plan for Toronto’s Western Waterfront parkland and area.


MIMICOFEST grass roots community – starts

“A Community Celebration conceived and directed by Arturo Fresolone” with arts and crafts exhibit and sale, yard sale, live music, dance and theatre. Children’s activities include: interactive storytelling for parents and children and book colouring facilitated by the artist.

Amos Waites Park (Lakeshore Blvd. W. at Mimico Ave.) on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 from 3pm to 8:30pm.

For more information call: 416-503-4129

Posted By David

Are the Junction and Mimico WTO’s locus for American style drinking establishments?

Another entrepreneur is planning to open a boutique drinking establishment along Mimico’s Lakeshore Blvd West. A couple guys, including the owners, are renovating this modest store front on the north side and hope to open Dean Martini’s in the next few months and add a front patio area (like Cafe du Lac, just up the street) for next year’s warm season.

The junction has a few boutique drinking establishments too, no doubt they bring afternoon and nightly traffic to the areas, and hopefully each area can balance their numbers to serve the communities rather than dominate them.

Posted By David and Robert

Are the city’s pipes causing your basement flooding?

If you have a chronically leaky basement, chances are, the city already knows about it.

Reading thorough the city web page on chronically leaky basements on the City of Toronto web site, you quickly become aware of how serious the issue of basement leakage in older homes may not simply be the result of deterioration of older homes, but probably is greatly contributed too by the city’s failing water pipe and sewage pipe systems.

The next public meeting is for the areas outlined below. At the City of Toronto’s site you can see maps to other areas.
The City of Toronto is having what is calls a “Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study to assess the causes and impacts of, and develop remedial solutions to basement flooding” in four areas surrounding Mimico Creek west of Islington Ave, north of Dundas St W., east of Renforth Dr. and south of Eringate Dr. and Princess Margaret Blvd.

The first “Public Open House” is scheduled for Thursday September 4, 2008 from 6:30 to 8:30 at Burnamthorpe Collegiate Institute, 500 The East Mall (Gymnasium).

Link to City of Toronto’s city wide web page about the issue

Public information slides [PDF file]

Posted By David & Robert

East to West Move – Beach west?

A young couple who previously owned a small house in the ‘Beach’ on Toronto’s east end have purchased this house on a large lot in Mimico (the new Beach west?). They’ll do very well selling in the elevated real estate market of Queen east and will leverage that profit to their advantage by improving their new home in its up and coming area…smart. Look for an update when they inevitably pull down and rebuild the front porch.

Posted By David

Sha Sha organic bread co. – keeps it for the community

Sha Sha organic bakery has a factory store just down the street from it’s bakery that opened a few months ago. Within the bakery store they also operate a café. Having a outlet store off the Queensway is all very nice. Their products can be pretty good, but look at the street name. Straight from the 50’s, Plastic Ave housed a complete set of industrial factories though the 50’s to 90’s. Most of the former industrial lots in the area have been populated by big box retail and other non – manufacturing firms. Sha Sha has  kept the street in a manufacturing sector. The city should award them.

Oh yes there is a small 3M building on the street, but it looks like a distributor office not a place where they make things.

follow-up, Mimico Waterfront: Phase 1 building demo

Soon these lone pines won’t look like paper weights holding down the end of a green rug.

The demolition of these nondescript storefronts on Old Mimico’s Lakeshore Blvd West is part of the completion of Phase 1 of the new waterfront park. Visitors and passerby will find here an inviting entreaty to the waterfront which will connect the waterfront to the street in fact and in feeling.

Posted By David

Lakeshore mardi gras August 8-9-10 2008

Lakeshore Mardi Gras is in the heart of Etobicoke-Lakeshore – A musical and family friendly celebration beginning Friday evening and going on all weekend at Colonel Samuel Smith Park at Lakeshore Blvd. West and Kipling Avenue.


Main Stage Colonel Samuel Smith Park


6:30 to 7:30 Ronnie and The Jets
8:00 to 9:30 Downchild


Noon – 1pm Dinny’s Dixieland All-Stars
1:30-2:30pm The Three Dad’s
3-4pm Spider Jones
4:30-5:30pm Danny Marks
6-7pm Johnny Max
7:30-9pm Glass Tiger!


Noon – 1pm The Silverleaf Jazz Band
1:30-2:30pm Uptown Express
3-4pm Chuck Jackson and The All Stars
4:30-6pm Paul James

Kipling Ave Toronto, Glass Container Plant closing

Glass vessels entering a Lehr

Picture Credit – junctioneer

Owens-Illinois, Inc is closing it’s Kipling Ave Plant in West Toronto totally on Sept 30 ’08. This is a huge loss of manufacturing jobs in West Toronto.  Yet it is even more of a complete loss of a type of manufacturing that will NOT return to West Toronto – with all it’s mid and highly skilled jobs. Glass container manufacturing is an expensive business to set up a plant for production, and a costly price sensitive business to run. Once this glass plant is dismantled it will not likely ever be rebuilt especially in West Toronto. This plant which used to be the Consumers Glass plant before Owens-Illinois, Inc purchased it, is one of the last plants in West Toronto that required a highly trained and carefully skilled large workforce. The tumble down effect on suppliers such as automation and mechanical services companies will be great, as this manufacturing type requires a lot of maintenance.

This is an old plant and the company must have had a difficult time maintaining it, although it would be much better for West Toronto to retain this plant, the company will still operate a new facility in Brampton.

Now that land is gone, there will be probably be one or two years of decommissioning and land use studies.  Following that, will be a probable sale, perhaps for condos, light industrial, or townhouse tract housing.

Posted by Robert