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Parkdale Pre-Application Meeting for 57 Brock Avenue – The Beer Store location.



All text the group, 


Pre-Application Meeting for 57 Brock Avenue – The Beer Store location.
The developer of 57 Brock Avenue, Block Developments, will be holding a pre-application meeting to discuss their proposed plans for this site.
The developer is proposing a 7 storey residential condominium. Details will be available at the community meeting. Councillor Perks and City Planning staff will be in attendance. If you are unable to attend the meeting and are interested in providing comment and/or receiving more detailed information, please email Councillor Perks office at

Date: Thursday, April 21st

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Place: 1303 Queen St W. – Parkdale Library (basement auditorium)


SEPTEMBER 14 – 15, 2013 Go Polish for the weekend!

2013 Roncesvalles Polish Festival

fsc_2013_Roncesvalles_Polish_Festival (2)

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The disappearing street curbs of the greater Junction Area.



Ever notice that the curbs in the Junction are disappearing with the rising levels of road paving material and the build up every time they do remedial road surface work.

For a long time the city ripped up the old road surface and laid down new underlayment and asphalt.

Most Junction streets have not been resurfaced in this manner for over 2 decades, they have had the surface ground and overlaid with a thin liquid re-coating. This Slurry Seal it is a mixture of emulsion, aggregate, water and mineral filler applied to an asphalt surface, but now, in most cases this seal usefulness has been worn away.

The curbs in many streets that a car or truck can simply roll over the curb with little speed.
How curbs lead to greater safety.

While most curbs are psychological deterrent to drivers than a barrier to vehicles. Cars are only redirected at low speeds and shallow glancing angles.

It does make a difference in traffic speeds. A recent study found that streets with curbs and sidewalks have average speeds 7 mph less than similar roads without curbs or sidewalks. To put this into perspective, at 25 mph, a pedestrian has an 80% chance of surviving getting hit by a car. At 35 mph, it’s 50%. At 45 mph, the chances of living are only 20%. Slowing traffic down dramatically increases safety.


from wikipedia …

A curb (US English), or kerb (UK English), is the edge where a raisedpavement/sidewalk/footpath, road median, or road shoulder meets an unraised street or otherroadway.


Curbs may fulfill any or several of a number of functions. They separate the road from the roadside, discouraging drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They also provide structural support to the pavement edge. Curbs can be used to channel runoff waterfrom rain, or melted snow and ice into storm drains. There is also an aesthetic aspect, in that curbs look formal and “finished”.

Since curbs add to the cost of a road, they are generally limited to urban and suburban areas, and are rarely found in rural areas except where certain drainage conditions (such asmountains or culverts) make them necessary. Curbs are not universally used, however, even in urban settings (see living street).

best curb site anywhere on the internets

Rainbow Songs on Roncy


Rainbow Songs Inc. offers exciting interactive music programs for children from birth to 5 years old. Our methodology focuses on the musical development of your child. Our 40 minute classes are taught in a fun, non-competitive and inclusive environment that encourages the participation of children and adults alike. Founded in 2003, our programs have quickly grown to be the most popular of their kind in Toronto. Currently, we have 20 locations throughout the Toronto area.

The Rainbow Songs approach to teaching and learning comes from the belief that there is interconnectedness between music, movement and language that support each other through the learning process. I’ve often conceptualized the relationship of three elements as the three points of a triangle. The triangle, with its inherent support and structural integrity, is an apt metaphor for this method as it can support learning in the same way triangles support structures from the pyramids to modern day buildings. Let’s briefly define the three points on the triangle:

Music – The structured organization of sound made up of melody, rhythm, and harmony.
Movement – All types of purposeful motion from small hand gestures to jumping and leaping including: actions, signs, dancing, crawling, running etc.
Language – The organization of and use of words through speech: Lyrics, poems, names, verbs, nouns etc.
These three systems define the points of the triangle. In between each pair of points there are sides that are created. Each one of these sides is a combination of the points:

The three sides of the triangle become:
The side between movement and music gives us dance.
The side between music and language gives us song.
The side between language and movement gives us sign language.

Rainbow Songs Inc.
277 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto ON M6R 2M3

Phone: 416 535 5247
Fax: 416 535 9132

Dream Bakery for the Junction

here goes…

While we have a Vegan bakery- Bunners for which the community is so lucky, and which many people consider a luxury, there are many of us that are not so inclined to vegetarianism nor always super healthy treats or breads.   We have lots of emtpy store fronts in the Junction even whole  buildings, many of which would be great spaces for producing   beautiful, naturally leavened whole-grain bread, delectable seasonal preserves, and granola for all of us (ok not this author) crunchy-granola types! say one with a milling room where we can purchase fresh milled flour own flour from local grower farms. Plus, a wood-fired brick oven that can also be fired with biomass briquettes manufactured from spent grain from one of the local micro brewery’s that are opening in the area, such as the Indie Ale House.

Operationally for success this would probably have to be a licensed  commercial kitchen  so the operator will be sell at farmers markets, wholesale to restaurants and grocery stores.

Please do come!

Here are some facebook links to the type of foodie establishments that would be great , these are example from the Chicago area


Roaring through the Greater Junction Area by car – bump! or not


To help enforce road safety some cities in the USA and the city of  “West” Vancouver are giving optical illusion a try,  might it deserve attention here?
They’re must be designed  to gain your attention long enough  to quickly cause you totobey the speed limit.

These optically created speedbumps, or “virtual humps” are written about in the above linked NYtimes article.





Really love this one below.

Toronto GJA Councillors: Office Expense Reporting 2010 to 2011..oh the changes


During 2011 new councillors aimed and accomplished the reduction of their office budgets of their old counter parts, while returning councillors greatly reduced their spending. Is this all  simply political thrift, that has come about by the seeming dissatisfaction with the politicos running the city, or do the people really want their elected people saving ten to twenty thousand dollars of their office budget.

Considering that these budgets are used by the councillor to service their electors. Is there simply grater loss than the saving of the funds.


below the blog has captured the 2010 and 2011 spending amounts of the area councillors.


Descriptive text from City web site…

Each Councillor has an office expense budget to pay for expenses that are allowable under the Councillor Expense Policy. City Council, at its meeting of April 15, 2010, approved a 5% reduction in the office expense budget for each Councillor. The annual budget of $53,100 has been reduced to $50,445. As 2010 is an election year, Councillors are allocated 11/12ths of the approved office expense budget until the end of the Council term, November 30, 2010, therefore each Councillor has an office expense budget of $46,241.25. The remaining 1/12th of the budget is allocated to December for returning Councillors. New Councillors also receive 1/12th of the allocation, $4,203.75 for the month.The Mayor has an annual operating budget approved by Council. Expenses disclosed relate to non-salary expenditures from this budget.



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Budget with Councillors Perks and Doucette Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 from 7 pm – 9 pm at the Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton School (1515 Bloor Street West)


Councillors Perks and Doucette (Ward 1) are holding roundtable meetings hosting on the upcoming City of Toronto Budget.

The Councillors are saying the meeting is a workshop with residents and community leaders about how to protect and build the essential services which make Toronto great. Topics to include city services and delivering and funding same.

Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 from 7 pm – 9 pm

Place: Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton School (1515 Bloor Street West), in the 3rd floor staff room.

They want people register though Councillor Perks’ Office. by e-mailing or calling 416-392-7919.

West End Food Co-op Cannery

Parkdale Residents Association AGM Thursday 1 December 2011 at 7 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Parkdale Residents Association (PRA) is scheduled for Thursday 1 December 2011 at 7 pm in the May Robinson Auditorium at 20 West Lodge Avenue. At this meeting, the PRA customarily elects its Executive Officers and its Executive Committee for 2012. Any PRA member in attendance can put his or her name in nomination to join the Executive. We will also be presenting the annual President’s and Treasurer’s reports.

The special guests for this evening will be Superintendant Dave Vickers andSuperintendant Art Little of 14 Division (who have taken over on an interim basis for the recently retired Superintendant Ruth White) and Superintendant Peter Lennox and Inspector Brian Preston of 11 Division. They will be reviewing the changes in police service and responsibility resulting from the recent changes in divisional boundaries and specify how they affect Parkdale.

Also on hand will be Councillor Gord Perks who will review recent municipal developments and outline his priorities for the coming year. MPP Cheri DiNovo may also be on hand but has yet to confirm. I will be keeping you informed about the progress of this meeting and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Shocking activity by city council members and staff


The blog wanted to highlight a particularity worrisome point brought out publicly by the  Toronto Public Space  (TPSI) group in their report on unprecedented policies that will allow the city to sell off the names of public spaces and bring in aggressive advertising into them, including parks and playgrounds. (see this post – its below this one)

Yet they are bringing local business Improvement associations (BIA’s) into the decision-making and planning activities about these changes. That is right, the local retail store owners across the city are being consulted and allowed into the fold to decide how local parks are named and what advertising will go into them, Yes, big advertisers are involved too and their ads in parks and parkettes are probably not welcome also. But residents and community groups such as residents associations are not part of the consultation process.

“the inclusion of BIAs in a consultation process to the exclusion of all other stakeholders” 1

Simply,  1st importance of the what the parks are to the community of people who use them is being removed from the people.

Hopefully the ethical BIA’s in Toronto with see the folly of of being associated with this. BIA’s are structured and created to improve retail streets and businesses within their areas.


  1. Toronto Public Space  (TPSI) article on High Park Indian mounds (very detailed)

Much progress has been achieved during the summer of 2011 in the work to preserve the Snake Mound, one of 57 remaining ancient Iroquoian burial mounds in Toronto’s High Park in danger of destruction from BMX bike activity. In April, a meeting was set up between the Taiaiako’on Historical Preservation Society [2](THPS) and Toronto City Councillor Sarah Doucette where she was presented with information about the Snake Mound, and that the City of Toronto’s main archeologist Ron Williamson, who is working under a suspended license [3]. (This situation appears to have arisen because the license was not renewed, something that practicing archeologists are compelled to keep up with. The documentation of his license situation has been sent out to city officials by the THPS but the question has never been clarified as to the current state of his credentials, and it has not been denied. The Taiaiako’n Historic Preservation Society has a file which they claim shows that Williamson doesn’t have a license, but most of this information does not exist online.)

Doucette said she would research the issue and then respond, however, there was no subsequent contact.

    (Blog note: read full article for her efforts to find another area in the park for the BMX bikes)

In May, a group of residents local to High Park was formed called the Friends Of Snake Mound (FOSM) [4] to support the work done by the THPS. In the late spring, the two groups hosted an information event at Tinto’s coffee house that garnered a flurry of media attention both good and bad. The mainstream media perpetuated the lack of scientific rigor and ethical handling of the situation by the city and Toronto Parks Board by parroting the position that there is no archeological site at Snake Mound [5].

Fortunately there was one point of agreement: that the BMX activity was destroying the natural environment. While many members of the BMX community have acknowledged the special environmental and historical value of the site, many others remain intransigent. Despite concerns within the Snake Mound-support community as to whether further changes in the landscape might adversely affect the site, it became evident that taking down the ramps was the only way to stop the greater danger of cycling. In order to see the site repaired, the Parks Board agreed that THPS could direct the dismantling of the bike ramps and reconstruction of the mound.

Complete article here


Wabash Building Society Stop park cuts! Meet Nov. 8 meeting tomorrow

from their notice…
Stop park cuts! Meet Nov. 8 at the Fieldhouse
Instead of cutting park budgets and staff, what would you do? The new Toronto-wide advocacy group Park People has prepared a list of draft ideas it would like to present and discuss with people who care about our parks.
Park People is coming to the Sorauren Park Fieldhouse on Nov. 8 to collect your feedback and provide input into an important report to be released in the coming weeks (see story below).
The evening starts with the Wabash Building Society giving a talk on Sorauren Park. The highlight will be discussing plans for a great new town square in the park. Come see the drawing and learn how we are moving forward on this very cool idea.You are invited… meet at the Fieldhouse in the park starting at 6:30 p.m. 

Sadly Hilary Bell, Community Leader, Passes

Reposted from Junction Triangle Community site

Sadly Hilary Bell died a few days ago due to cancer. Hilary was known in many circles for her tireless community work and advocacy for improving communities. She was involved in creating Railpath, the natural garden along Dundas, the murals under the Wallace Bridge to name but a few. She was a fair but formidable foe to developers, Metrolinx, and politicians when she needed to be but never lost her sense of humour and the desire for a hearty bike ride. This obit is provided by the family and there will be more news to follow. I note that the wonderful picture of Hilary was taken at the official opening of Railpath.

Hilary Bell was a long time member of the TWBCA Steering Committee


Further text at the Junction Triangle Community site (direct link to text about this tireless and trans-formative person.

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square” Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.


Help take Sorauren Park to the “next level”…

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square”

Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Food and drinks provided

Help plan — and name — the new “Sorauren Square” proposed for the “dead zone” of derelict land between the Sorauren Fieldhouse and the old linseed oil factory.

At this public design workshop, we’ll look at town squares in other cities and countries, review the existing Sorauren Master Plan concepts, and get drawing!

Sorauren Square is envisioned as a place for markets, festivals, concerts, shows, events and meeting neighbours on warm summer evenings.

If you like to draw and dream, or have ideas for this new public space, please come to our Design Workshop. RSVP to so we can plan our numbers.

“Sorauren Square” Design Workshop

Wednesday, June 29

6:30 p.m. at the Sorauren Fieldhouse

50 Wabash Avenue

Light dinner and refreshments provided

Sponsored by the Wabash Building Society