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READ THIS REPORT From a Superintendent and Engineer to their Managing Director

THE VICTORIAVILLE FURNITURE CO. Manufacturers of Medium Furniture Mr. J. E. Alain, Managing-Director, Victoriaville, P.Q., Nov. 20, 1913 The Victoriaville Furniture Company. Dear Sir:

Since we have been operating with the Chapman Double Ball Bearings Shafting equipment, we have made a Careful study of our cost and efficiency system, comparing the output with our old system versus the Ball Bearing; and have much pleasure in submitting the following report,  which should be interesting to any factory using power. You will also note that the equipment of ball bearings installed on our line shafting so eased the load on our power plant through the elimination of friction, that the machines were able to run at their proper speed with the following interesting results. These results are entirely outside of the saving in power which in addition to the increased production, as shown below, will amount to over 20 per cent, of the entire power:

Limderman Machine:

The record of this machine on old system of transmission had an output of 2,600 ft. daily, when we are getting with Ball Bearing system an output of 2,800 ft. on the same machine, thus giving us a daily gain of 200 ft. based on direct wages of $5.65 per day, or 2,400 ft. for twelve working days, or a net gain of $5.22 for 12 working days or fortnight.

Planers, 3 machines and one Buzz Planer:

Lumber ready to go through Sandpapering Machine:

Old system took 404 hours to finish 49,000 ft., direct wages $31.20. Ball bearings took 390% hours to finish

54,000 ft., direct wages $31.20. The above will show that we produced 1,210 ft. per day on old system, comparing with 1,380 ft. a day with Ball Bearings. 1,380 ft. multiplied by 12 working days will give a total of 16,560 ft., be-ing the production of twelve days with direct wages of $31.20 or a gain of 26 cents per thousand feet, based on 16,560 ft. will give us a net gain of $4.30 per fortnight.

H. B. Smith’s Triple Sander Machine:

Direct wages on old rate for an output of 21,715 ft. were $18.10, while the direct wages with Ball Bearings on an output of 35,400 ft. were $29.07, thus making a gain of 9 cents per thousand feet, based on 35,400 ft. being a fortnight’s output made clear gain of $3.18 for twelve working days. (Signed) Frank McDonald, Superintendent. ” Jos. Beaudet, Engineer. N.B.I.—The above has been referred to our Cost Accountant, and I have much pleasure to confirm the same. (Signed) J. E. Alain, Managing-Director, The Victoriaville Furniture Company.

Over 2,000 Canadian Factories are getting similar results. Can you afford to operate without Chap-man Double Ball Bearings? No trouble to change over—Our Bearings suit any standard Hanger. Our Double Ball Bearing LOOSE PULLEYS will operate perfectly WITHOUT LUBRICATION OR ATTENTION EXCEPT A LITTLE VASELINE ONCE A YEAR. Your loose pulley trouble

will be a thing of the pcist.

Write us for particulars and let us figure with you on an equipment of Chapman Ball Bearings for your plant.

The Chapman Double Ball Bearing Co. of Canada, Limited 347 Sorauran Avenue, Toronto, Canada


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