Cheri DiNovo’s farewell letter as the areas Provincial rep, sadly


To all the wonderful constituents of this remarkable Parkdale – High Park riding:

It has been such an honour and privilege to serve you!

Together we have passed more Private Member’s Bills than any other riding in Ontario’s history, and more LGBTQ legislation than any place in Canada. Congratulations to you for making history!

After 11 years and 4 elections, I am leaving politics and returning to the Church to take a Ministry position starting January 7th. You are certainly welcome to visit me there anytime. The Parkdale – High Park Provincial Constituency Office will still be open at 2849 Dundas Street West, happy to help you as always.

I still live in Parkdale-High Park and will still be the social justice advocate I’ve always been. Along with you, I hope to work to change our world and our neighborhood for the better.

Link to her video,

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