Cities economic development committee on Promoting Cycling Tourism in Toronto

All txt the city, 



1. Requested the General Manager, Economic Development and Culture to report to its November 28, 2016 meeting: 

a. In consultation with the appropriate parties, on an inventory of cycling tourism products in Toronto and identify what packages and products would help increase the economic impact of cycling tourism; and


b. On a plan to better package, and promote cycle-based tourism opportunities in Toronto.


(April 11, 2016) Letter from Councillor Mary Fragedakis, Ward 29, Toronto – Danforth


Toronto attracts over 14 million overnight and 26.5 million same day visitors each year who together contribute over $7 Billion into the local economy. 

In addition to tourists, local residents, over half of whom were born outside of Toronto, are both an economic driver for and beneficiary of the Toronto tourism economy.


Globally, cycling tourism is an enormous economic driver. The economic value of cycle tourism trips in Europe is €44 billion per annum (approx. CDN $65 billion) while US cycling tourists spend USD $46.9 billion annually. In 2011, 12 percent (1.6 million) Canadian visitors (including Ontario visitors) participated in cycling activities while travelling in Ontario. These visitors spent an average of $198 per person for a total of $317 million.


Cycling tourists spend more and stay longer, with higher than average incomes and education and all-round attractive demographics. Cycle tourists include visitors who make cycling part of their visit (e.g. renting bikes) and visitors for whom cycling is the primary activity of their visit (eg. arriving and departing on bikes).


Municipalities and tourism organizations across Ontario are prioritizing projects that feed the growing visor demand for cycle tourism at destinations of their choice. Toronto has a dynamic cycling community with assets including cycle-based tour operators, rental facilities and numerous cycling events including the largest in the province, Ride for Heart with over 13,000 cyclists and $8 million in annual economic impact. (


In 2015, the City of Toronto invested approximately $8 million in cycling infrastructure. Toronto’s current cycling network is over 855 kilometres and growing. This investment, along with Bike Share Toronto, other transportation options and location all provide Toronto with a unique opportunity to become a hub for cycling activities. Toronto is also home to 56 kilometres of the 1,800 long Great Lakes Waterfront Trail. By better promoting and informing cycling options, Toronto can leverage infrastructural investments to the benefit of visitor spending, residential enjoyment and healthy, active urban exploration and economic activity.

Background Information

(April 11, 2016) Letter from Councillor Mary Fragedakis on Promoting Cycling Tourism in Toronto 



Motion to Add New Business at Committee moved by Councillor Mary Fragedakis (Carried)
Motion to Adopt Item moved by Councillor Mary Fragedakis (Carried)

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