City at onetime covered RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION costs.




The Toronto Executive Committee submits the report (August 13, 1973) from Alderman Eayrs, viz.:

“For the past eighteen months, members of the Humberside Residents’ Association have been working to pay legal costs incurred in the Ontario Municipal Board hearing on the re-zoning of Quebec-Gothic.

“A continuing effort has been made to collect the entire amount from residents in the immediate Humberside area and more than half has been raised. In order finally to discharge the remainder of the debt, the Association now finds it imperative to attract support from people across the city. To do this it intends to hold a fund-raising event in the most appropriate and attractive locations, the foyer of the Old City Hall. Permission to use the foyer on October 13th, 1973 for this purpose was granted the Association by Metro Council at its meeting of April 17th. “At that time, City members of Metro, including members of the Toronto Executive Committee, indicated by their votes support for the Association’s position. It now respectfully requests the sum of $450.00 as a grant to offset the rental fee and insurance charge for the Old City Hall foyer. “Members of the Association have worked diligently for over two years to preserve a neighbourhood of 100 family homes from destruction. I urge the Executive Committee to extend help to this responsible group in its efforts to discharge obligations incurred in the defense of its community.”

that a grant of $283.95 be made to the Humberside Residents’ Association

The Toronto Executive Committee recommends that the following resolution be endorsed: Resolved, that a grant of $283.95 be made to the Humberside Residents’ Association under the authority contained in the City of Toronto Act 1935, as amended; that such organization be deemed as one being engaged in work for the general advantage of the inhabitants of the City; that funds therefor be provided from the 1973 Grants Account, this amount being the balance of the 1973 Grants Account; and that the appropriate Civic Officials be authorized to do whatever is necessary to give effect thereto.

Soruce 1973 City of Toronto minutes PDF 603 A

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