City considering to support Family Caregiver Day

Recognizing Family Caregiver Day

Committee Recommendations
The Community Development and Recreation Committee recommends that:

1. City Council recognize the first Tuesday in April each year as Family Caregiver Day and request the Deputy City Manager, Cluster A, to report back to the Community Development and Recreation Committee on a strategy to support family caregivers and commence an awareness and educational campaign of such through all divisions and community stakeholders.

Family caregivers provide unpaid, compassionate care to a person or persons who need assistance due to a disability, a physical, neurological or mental condition, a chronic illness, frailty or age. Caregivers must balance their personal lives and careers with their caregiving duties. For many caregivers, assisting the person in need can be a full-time job in itself but they must also continue working in order to support their families financially.

The City of Toronto has a responsibility and a leadership role to play to recognize and bring awareness to the incredibly vital social and economic contributions made by family caregivers and also to ensure that the city provides the necessary support and assistance to caregivers. This has become even more urgent as our society ages and the City of Toronto commits itself to implementing the Toronto Seniors Strategy.

Both the provincial and federal governments have taken steps to recognize and support the importance of family caregivers and provide new energy into awareness campaigns.

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