City once considered replacement of old Weston Rd bridge.


Your Committee advises that it had before it a clause embodied in Report No. 4 of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee under the above heading as adopted by the Metropolitan Council on April 3, 1973, which contained the following recommendation:

“The Transportation Committee recommends the replacement of the existing bridge on Old Weston Road at an estimated cost of $1,500,000.00, subject to the City of Toronto advising that it agrees with the replacement of such bridge and undertakes to do all the necessary work that is required on its part to make the aforementioned bridge function properly, and expresses agreement with any other work that is required to be done by the Metropolitan Corporation in connection with this project.”

Your Committee submits the report (May 8, 1973) from the Commissioner of Public Works, viz.:

“Subject: Replacement of Old Weston Road Bridge.

“Origin: Committee on Public Works, April 24, 1973.

“Comment: Your Committee at a meeting on April 24, 1973, had before it a communication from the Metropolitan Clerk forwarding Clause No. 3 of Report No. 4 of the Transportation Committee, headed ‘Replacement of Old Weston Road Bridge’, which was adopted, without amendment, by the Council of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto at its meeting held on April 3, 1973.

“Your Committee requested I report on the foregoing.

“I am of the opinion no works will be required on City streets in connection with the replacement of this bridge.

Recommendation I recommend that the Metropolitan Corporation be advised that there are no improvements required to any City streets as a…

source Volume 3 1973 City of Toronto Minutes.

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  1. junctionist says:

    They should have replaced it. Now, the congestion on Keele Street southbound at Dundas is a problem. Dundas Street east of Keele could also use some relief. It would also make the area north of the CP Rail tracks better connected to the rest of city.

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