City staff ok’s temporary closing Old Weston Rd, at Junction Road

Picture credit – City Toronto

The Go Transit rail-to-rail grade separation of the CN/CPR corridor at Junction Road/Old Weston Road, expects to start construction on October 1, 2008. Go Go Transit expects to close the intersection of  Junction Road/Old Weston Road  for up to 4 years – They plan to close  the Road to Oct 1st 2008 until Oct 2012. (although the 20102 date is approx. the intersection will be closed for a few years.)

City’s Background Information (PDF)

Interesting issues raised in the city report

GO is negotiating the purchase of a portion of Old Weston Road from the City of Toronto (what? doesn’t this remove some public space)

GO is wanting to place a permanent installation of a storm water detention pond within a portion of the Old Weston Road right-of-way ( the part the city is selling to them)

Another interesting aspect is that Monarch Road pictured above still seems to exist at least on paper. Walking in the area now the road is a pile of dirt and garbage, then near it’s end opens open before it hits the tracks. 12 Monarch Road was the address of the milling comnay afetr which the street is named.


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  1. A.R. says:

    Some of these older posts are great. Monarch Road is a curiosity. You can find it on Google Maps, and there’s still a bit of a road there, but like you said, there’s a lot of dirt and garbage there.

  2. AF says:

    Any updates on what is being proposed at the location ?

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