Clendennen Ave, and Dundas St. West, clothing stores

This part of the Dundas West business strip would be wonderful to see a the Junctions fashion district. is just outside of the local BIA and best affords the benefits of the BIA without the incumbent costs. It also has the most public spaced part of the Junction strip, having sat in the area the St. John Rd/ Dundas West public square.

It stretches past two the small but well designed Malta Parkette. And has a stock of abundent unused store fronts.

Similar conditions are  revitalizing a part of Gerrard  St., East, were nurmous businesses are getting a boost being situated in an area  with available  store fronts, and bounded by BIA orgs.  These  businesses harbour the independence from the BIA fixtures that govern most Toronto retail strip, because of their ability to react fast and out of the normal city rules for Business associations. 

Hopefully this part of the Dundas strip gathers some threading.

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