Community benefits from development  section 37 which governs the money developers pay as part of their building permitting process, and why the Junction is at the end me of the rope with this funding source.

The Junction unlike The Bloor West Village, The Junction Triangle
What is section 37,

Here is a description given by Edward Keenan in one of his Toronto Star, columns, he explains it well

What is Section 37 and why does it exist?

Essentially, Section 37 of the planning act is the one that allows for what other cities call “community benefits agreements.” If the owner of a property wants to build something that does not comply with zoning regulations, the owner may voluntarily agree to provide community benefits in cash or amenities in exchange for approval.

These benefits are negotiated by city planning staff and with local councillors in the area where the development will be built. Though the agreements themselves are approved by city council, the use of the funds is largely controlled directly by the local councillor for use in projects inside his or her ward.

The purpose of the section in the act is to offset the problems caused by changes to a neighbourhood when different kinds of developments are added to it, such as to compensate for increased traffic, population, or changes to the streetscape new developments bring.

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The section 37 wording from the planning act. (Ontario)&

Increased density, etc., provision by-law

37. (1) The council of a local municipality may, in a by-law passed under section 34, authorize increases in the height and density of development otherwise permitted by the by-law that will be permitted in return for the provision of such facilities, services or matters as are set out in the by-law.


(3) Where an owner of land elects to provide facilities, services or matters in return for an increase in the height or density of development, the municipality may require the owner to enter into one or more agreements with the municipality dealing with the facilities, services or matters.

Registration of agreement

(4) Any agreement entered into under subsection (3) may be registered against the land to which it applies and the municipality is entitled to enforce the provisions thereof against the owner and, subject to the provisions of the Registry Act and the Land Titles Act, any and all subsequent owners of the land. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, s. 37.


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