A complete archive of this blog is available, this post sticks to top, newer posts below

After much effort I have made an archive available of the Junctioneer blog, fully view-able from one folder offline.


The archive contains the posts from Apr 2008 to Sept 2017
 The full text all photos and files.
          Click the read more blow to see the links to archive

The archive has been deposited at two locations.
thks to all who read the blog
Here are  links to the archive of the junctioneer blog, one hosted at onedrive and the other at dropbox. The complete blog from Apr of 2008 to Sept of 2017.
Download and unrar the two rar files, one after the other. It takes about 10 minutes in all, the two files have to be  downloaded separately have something to drink while waiting, :-).
You can download the free winrar software to unrar the files here, https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
After unraring the two download files, you will have one folder with all the files of the blog re-linked to work just like the online version, only offline. Simply click of the file 000000index  to open the blog in your browser for offline viewing.
Sort the files in the folder by name and this file should be at the top. you can of course just scroll though the files in the folder and double click the 000000index or the index file, both produce the same result, opening the blog in your browser.
Remember to have both downloaded files on the desktop or in the same folder. 
Read the readme file in the folder to, if like too.
Part 1 at onedrive
 part 2 at onedrive
you can download the free winrar software to unrar the files here
And  another rared copy at dropbox, copy links to browser and paste in address bar and download. 
Part 1 at dropbox
Part 2 at dropbox

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