Condos are going up on Yonge Street, photos of the complexity of building over working subway

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This image taken about 100 yards from the Wellesley Street subway station to which the subway tube to in the picture provides a place for the track to the station.

Currently a foundation is being built for a condo development, that was a building on top of the subway station before but it was removed. But building also had a brick structure over the subway so would not come in contact with the subway.

when the building was torn down this year a new structure over the detailed before could be billed to be patched and retrofitted to seal it, if you’re at structural integrity. After the patches and repairs were made to the to the structure was ultrasonically tested.

The next step was to use some of the existing peers from the earlier building restrengthening and extending them and then building a bridge structure over the entire supply box which was done. The first floor of the new condo building is being built at street level.

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New Yonge Street old Yonge Street

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  1. John says:

    i work near this location and they worked on digging around the subway tunnel for about 6 months before they poured and kind of concrete.

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