2886 Dundas Street West.

Continuing with the blogs spare drawings of Junction Buildings intended to highlight their character 2886 Dundas Street West’s lower retail level is pictured here.

The building purpose built a Woolworth five and dime stoll retains much of its orginial character.

Layers of structural change and business use change adorn most Junction commerical buildings. Resdential buildings in the area too, have many adaptations, for use as dual use, and modern convienence renovations.

Many of these changes have changed and obscured the facades, walls, windows, and rooflines to the point where many of the architectural features of buildings have been lost.

Getting a view of a buildings fabric construction requires looking though what a current photographic image can provide. Seeing the essence of each building also requires a pared down view of the complexity of each building.

After thinking about this issue for a some years the blog has given some consideration and effort to use drawings to highlight and discover the architectural distinction of most of the Junction building.

Posted every few days will be a new building.

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