Council seeking to release Section 42 Funds provided by the developer of 332 High Park Avenue, outside of the Junction. This blog would rather see this money stay in the Junction.

The  distribution of the 332 High Park Avenue Section 42 funds is being decided by the city council, Not the developer, they just provide the funds as a condition  of building their project. Oh and the blog views the 332 High Park Ave one of the best designs access the city.
City txt below, with commentary.

Authorization to Release Section 42 Funds to Transportation Services Division StreetARToronto Program for Ravina Gardens Mural Art Installation Project – by Councillor Sarah Doucette, seconded by Councillor Mike LaytonCity Council Decision

Caution: This is a preliminary decision. This decision should not be considered final until the meeting is complete and the City Clerk has confirmed the decisions for this meeting.

City Council on May 3, 4 and 5, 2016, adopted the following:

 Blog note: reading the breakdown of the funds to be used and from which development project, indicates all of the funds could have come from the development project accounts that are linked by use and location to the Ravina Location,

1. City Council increase the approved 2016 Operating Budget for Transportation Services (TP0409) in the amount of $30,827.46 gross, $0 net, on a one-time basis, for the StreetARToronto Program, for the purpose of installing a large scale mural within Ravina Gardens, with funding provided by the following Section 42 Alternate Rate Cash-in-lieu sources: $7,700.63 from 198 Quebec Avenue (source account: XR2213-4200576), $19,037.66 from 350 Annette Street (source account: XR2213-4200591), and $4,089.17 from 332 High Park Avenue (source account: XR2213-4200635).
Background Information (City Council)p

Member Motion MM18.15


(May 4, 2016) Fiscal Impact Statement from the Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer


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