Dance studio need, in the Junctions

The city is spending huge amounts of money on community culture development projects around the city, yet the Junction and its Sparse share of new investment, loses out. When the Junction has a city owned building right in its core, that could be funded.

The blog is aware of some people’s opinion that the now unused police station, could eat up years of section 37 funds. Well that is happening in other wards for the common good right now.
The Junction has a number of commercial dance studio to start people off, indicating a good interest in dance. Having a professional calibre and society in a community building would greatly enhance the prospects for people to move forward.

Like this one….

Below are some images of the now 1.5 week open Regent Park Community Centre Dance Studio.

I will post some construction photos of this room, just looking though 5000 or so photos of the construction of this building I have  is abit eye watering. Especially on my phone.

I have photographed the room in the three lighting modes available to its uses by simple on off of the switches, there are quite a few more using different combinations of each of the three lighting circuits.
 Same position from main entry door, with different lighting choices. 


Detail shots of the rooms fit out.


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