Did you know there is a  Junction Heritage Conservation, effort



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During the past 45 years, we had an established pattern of respect for the traditional built form and character of the Junction as a standard for contemporary improvements, and self-restraint was the prevailing precedent set by the commercial property owners when they revitalised their buildings.
The Junction Character Area and future HCD is, or was – a microcosm of the original village that became a City before amalgamating with Toronto in 1909. We hope the historic value of a mainly intact, contiguous fine-grain retail, neighbourhood main street that is integrated with its residential community will not be irreparably diminished by this prominent mid-rise building.

Read the compete letter here.

At the city site, http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2015/pg/comm/communicationfile-56699.pdf

Their site, http://www.junctionhcd.ca

Click the image below to go to their site

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