Disability posts on this blog.

After 9 1/2 years of daily posting one or more Junction posts, missing less than what can be counted on two hands of post days, which occurs because of hosting provider issues. I am going to post a few sessions on disability abuse among the regulars. One week in each month Sept, Oct, and Nov, of 2017. Probably about six posts in all.

This subject, which I knew nothing about 2 1/2 years ago, has slowly and demandingly focused my attention on the suffering of those harmed by persons who inflict disability abuse, and those who fail to report abuse.

You may well find the posts, not only some of the most interesting and moving posts on this blog, but you will be able to read what is most likely the most in depth, and real experiences anywhere about this problem as it exists in Toronto.

I hope to open your eyes, thoughts and understanding of the severity of this problem in our city with real vignettes, of the suffering of individuals, both adults and children. They will show the irresponsibility of the institutions and persons who are supposed to ensure the safety and rights of the disabled and fail them.

Also it will show other individuals in these same institutions who carry out their responsibility with surety and as required.

You will meet people who will amaze you, as well as some who you may develop an aversion to.

To do this I have worked exceedingly hard to become accepted by the community of abused and disabled persons, and then not hard at all to gain an education on the problem from numerous abused persons and individuals who work with these people in many agencies. Almost every person I sought help and access to information on the issue was keen to advise and educate me.

I encountered government services and institutions, who conducted themselves within and with the governing legislation, I also I countered many who simply did not even know of the required procedures, under the existing legislation. Many of the government service staff who should have been trained or educated on this subject to properly perform their duties did not know what and how to properly address the requirements.

My strongest knowledge base is the area of Intellectual and developmental disability abuse, with the physical harm that accompanies this disability abuse, while I work to grasp the harm of abuse of the physically disabled.

Why because disability abuse occurs much more than most people know, and this form of abuse has stuck itself into the Junction. There have been any cases of reported disability abuse in the Junction, most of which I not report on because although they have been told to me, or have appeared in the reports of the various social service agencies that service abused people, I do not have all the details of many situations reported to me. Yet I do have direct experience with a hanging suicide and a drug overdose suicide personally known to the author of this blog in the past five years, that were the direct result of Intellectual and disability abuse as defined by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ..

Intellectual disability abuse, delivered by persons, employers, working associates, and much more by familly members, and husbands and wives on their partners which is a hidden aspect of our society.

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