Do we have the right to harm Ingersoll with TO’s garbage? 2016-03-02 20-22-09 2016-03-02 20-18-15

Keep your own trash, Ingersoll mayor tells Toronto | Toronto Star

David Rider,  Toronto Star All orange text are out takes

Ted Comiskey, mayor of Ingersoll of a southwestern Ontario town known for cheddar cheese words for Toronto — keep your garbage to yourself.

Ted Comiskey is also the Artistic Director Canterbury Folk Festival

 Toronto’s long-term waste strategy should not include burying trash in a proposed landfill in a quarry near his town. Toronto’s current landfill.

“Every landfill liner leaks,” Comiskey said Tuesday.

“I am not prepared to put the drinking water of my citizens, my neighbours at risk because Toronto, despite all other suggestions in the (waste strategy report) appendix, wants to keep the burying option open.

“This quarry (in Zorra Township) is 800 metres from a subdivision in the town of Ingersoll. We are not a willing host.”

To’s strategy will go to public works in June and city council in July.

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Ingersoll is in Oxford County

Directions from Toronto

From Toronto

1 h 36 min (155.8 km) via ON-403 W
Follow Hwy 401 to Exit 218 Highway 19 and County 119
Follow 119 North onto Harris Street
Merge left onto Canterbury Street


More info on the proposal here



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  1. Frank says:

    We don’t have the ‘right’ to harm Ingersoll but we do have the ‘right’ to negotiate with them.

  2. junctioneer says: (Author)

    .. but they have stated an unequivocal no, and do not want to negotiate.

  3. Frank says:

    That’s fine. That’s exactly where the negotiation led to!

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