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Healthy Mexican Food?  Local Mexican Food in Toronto??

All of our salsas are made fresh and from only the freshest vegetables. You will find nothing in a bottle or in a can in our kitchen.  Everything is made entirely from scratch.

In spring, summer and fall all of our produce is local except for Avocados.  Even Tomatillos and Poblano chiles are produced in Ontario now! 

Our dairy is all fresh and local.  Our Crema (Mexican Sour Cream) is produced, stamped and sealed by local Mexican Artisans.  They also produce our cheeses right here in Toronto:  Queso Oaxaca, Queso Fresco, and Cotija (aged cheese).

Our tortillas are made fresh with only corn and water.  When we fry them for chips we use only 100% canola oil with zero trans-fats.

Our salsa roja (homemade tomato sauce) is made from slow-boiling tomatoes, not in oil but in an inch of water until the juices of the tomatoes sweat out at which point the tomato flesh braises in it own juice.  This is a very healthy cooking process.

We do not grease our griddle with any oil.  This produces a toasty texture without a greasy result.

Our black beans and pinto beans are simmered in a home-made veggie stock which we prepare every morning.  The difference between the two is that our pinto beans are re-seared with mild guajillo chiles and homemade lean pork-stock for added flavour.

Our guacamole is made fresh with only fresh vegetables.  Fresh avocado is extremely healthy.  It contains unsaturated fats that cleanse your body of sticky saturated fats.

Our chicken is slow cooked rotisserie-style where most of the fat drips off and is discarded.  We slow cook all of our meats for stuffing and we discard all of the rendered fat.

The term “burrito” meaning “little donkey” originated when fieldworkers would wrap their meals in a tortilla take them to work.  Each burrito was balanced with all 5 food groups.   This would give workers the energy to work a long day.  After finishing one of our burritos here at Playa Cabana, you will feel the energy…the protein from beans, the calcium from cheese and sourcream, and the enzymes from fresh vegetables.

So the next time someone tells you that Mexican food is not good for you… Tell them to come to Playa because we have developed recipes that not only taste great, but are equally as nourishing as they are healthy.

Executive Chef Dave Sidhu

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  1. ScotToronto says:

    This restaurant is amazing. Beautiful decor, friendly staff, and amazing Mexican food. This is definitely a downtown restaurant in uptown Toronto. First of its kind in the junction for sure. 10/10.

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