Dundas St West south side irregular – on it’s way to conformity?

There once was an store front with a movie set frontage up on Dundas St. W. Amongst a group of made to be up – hip and flip stores and next to a craft framer ( that neoism of framing store is a compliment on this blog) it sat extruding a traditional Junction culture of non direct consumer goods trading in a retail environment. A cultural aspect of our community that came about thought the twists, turns – ups and downs that occurred over the last two decades in the Junction. When the quick downturn just decimated the Junction circa 1981 industrial retailers started to occupy a number if Junction stores. This cleaning supply store is a direct descendent of this retailing period in the Junction. Until today it was clothed in the built equivalent of smock clothed retailer with goods and knowledge in offer.

Being the only facade in this particular block with a indented storefront it also helped to shape the walk-ability of this particular stretch. For comparison take a walk by the cafe Agora when the front vertical lift door is open and then when it is closed – you can sense the openness and walkability of the street with the simple negative space created.

So what now , a pushed out front – flat with the street. Ugh. Not that the blogs knows that the new front will be this, it is afraid it will be.

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