Etobicoke Civic Centre 399 The West Mall normally difficult to get a parking space almost empty


Etobicoke Civic Centre  at 399 The West Mall which is normally a very place is all but empty now during the strike, Most days people arrive to do a host of things from tax payments to obtaining building permits, both of which are unavailable services now.

from the city strike site…

Toronto Building

  • No building permit applications will be received, processed or issued.
  • No preliminary project review applications will be received or processed.
  • No compliance, zoning use or property information letters will be processed or issued.
  • Only emergency building inspections will take place.
  • Utility (Water and Solid Waste) and Property Tax Bill Payments
  • Closed

    • All enquiry/cashier counters and drop boxes located in Toronto City Hall and the civic centres.
    • Tax and Water call centre.

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  1. Theirry says:

    Reporting on empty parking lots and kebab places that’ve been open for years and years…. (that aren’t even really in the Junction)

    Slow day eh????

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