GO to study electrifying rail lines


The Toronto star has an article on how GO Transit is begin to study to study electrifying it’s rail lines.

From the article….

GO Transit will begin a study this summer on electrifying its entire train system.

Metrolinx plans to announce today that the study, to be complete by winter 2010, will be overseen by an external advisory committee including community representatives, technical and environmental experts. It’s likely a member of the Clean Train Coalition would be invited to join the committee, a source told the Star.

That group, composed of residents, community associations and businesses living along the Georgetown line – in the path of a huge expansion of GO service – has been pushing the province to go to cleaner electric trains rather than diesel. …the rest of the article [link]

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  1. linda says:

    the Weston Community Coalition.) DESCRIPTION OF FEATURED PRESENTATION:
    Metrolinx, the body that is planning transportation issues in the Greater
    Toronto and Hamilton Area, is planning to have a major expansion of the
    Union Station/Georgetown train line. They are proposing that about 350
    diesel driven trains be on this line per day. Many communities along the
    route have called on Metrolinx and the Provincial Government to use 21st
    century technology and use electrified trains in order to protect human
    health and reduce the burden of greenhouse gases. The speaker for this
    meeting is one of the main community organizers to raise this
    electrification issue for the trains. The “electrification vs. diesel” issue
    has implications for other train lines as well. Opinions expressed are
    those of the speaker and not necessarily those of the C! hapter or the PEO.

    Lithuanian Community House 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto
    Just west of the Dundas St. W. subway stop (map attached) Parking nearby.

    May 27, 2009

    P.Eng’s, EIT’s, and the interested public

    Contact Person:
    Jim Chisholm peo.wtchapter.events@gmail.com

    (Use the Event Title in the eMail Subject line.)

    Contact Phone:
    R.S.V.P.a your name, number of guests, contact information,
    and Postal Code of residence, by eMail.

    For Details:


    For further information concerning the proposal by Metrolinx and
    community concern on this issue please see the following web sites by
    Metrolinx and the Clean Train Coalition:
    http://www.metrolinx.com/thebigmove/index.html and
    http://www.cleantrain.ca/ .

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