Got Its Name, Bloor Street

august 25th 1925

Auto created transcript by this blog.
Bloor Street, which, with the bridging of the gap, last night entered a new period of expansion, has an interesting history of its own. After being known as at. Paul’s Road, then Sydenham Road, it changed to its present title some time in the forties when Mr, Bloor, a general tavern keeper and brewer, of Toronto, undertook an extensive real estate development at Yorkville. For a time it seemed as if the name Bloorville would take the place of Yorkville, but from this Toronto was saved. In the early days, when Bloor Street lacked a name and was simply  a rough concession, farmers turned east at Yonge Street to reach the Town of way of Parliament Street. Then Yonge Street had not been opened to the Bay. It gained the name of St. Paul’s Road after St. Paul’s Church had been erected near its present site, and the citizens of Toronto had been amazed at the engineering feat of raising the steeple of the new church In one day. Its later title of Sydenham Road commemorated the first Governor of the United Canada, while the present name is a memorial to one of the most popular citizens of the early days of Toronto of old.

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