Grades and Standards for Fresh Fruit

Grades and Standards for Fresh FruitInterpretation
1 In this Part,
clean means the fruit is not contaminated and is free from dirt, dust, spray residue, wax marks or other foreign material; (propre)
fairly well formed means at least one half of the fruit is well formed and the other half deviates only slightly from being well formed; (passablement bien formé)
hand picked means the fruit shows no evidence of rough handling or of having been on the ground; (cueilli à la main)
mature means the fruit has reached the stage of development that ensures completion of the ripening process; (à maturité ou mûr)
sound means that, at the time of shipping or repacking, the fruit is free from condition defects such as decay, breakdown, freezing damage, bitter-pit, soft or shrivelled specimens, overripe specimens, brown core, corky core or other damage adversely affecting the keeping quality of the fruit; (sain)
wax marks means a visible wax residue in the form of white streaks, white spots or white areas on the surface of the fruit; (marques de cire)
well formed means the fruit is of the shape characteristic of the variety when mature. (bien formé)
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