Green 13 film Upcoming Film – Water Under Fire / Tuesday, February 19, 6:15 pm at Jane/Dundas Library

Upcoming Film –  Water Under Fire

PWYC/Free Documentary night
Episodes 1-4 screen Tuesday, February 19, 6:15 pm at Jane/Dundas Library, 620 Jane St.
WATER UNDER FIRE is a 7-part series exposing the Nation’s water crises. Host BOB McDONALD challenges our comfort level, as we do take water for granted, and calls us to take action by presenting potential solutions.
Through a progression of interviews with top water scientists, this series explores the issues, the science, and the human impacts on water. This project is spearheaded by DR. JAMES BYRNE and DR. RICK MRAZEK (University of Lethbridge), who have, for decades, been advocates of better water management. They are joined by internationally renowned aquatic ecologist DR. DAVID SCHINDLER, Killam Memorial Professor of Ecology, University of Alberta.
The first six programs in the series explore regional concerns: Rocky Mountains, Prairie Waters, Northern Waters, Great Lakes Basin, Atlantic Canada, and Quebec. The 7th program covers national and international perspectives.
Episodes 5-7 screen Tuesday, March 12 ’13, 6:15 pm at Runnymede Library, 2178 Bloor St. W. Please check Green 13’s website as new events are added on an ongoing basis:

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