Green Line Ideas Competition – hydro corridor to public space


What Is The Green Line?

The Green Line is an overhead transmission line, or hydro corridor as they are known in Canada, in midtown Toronto that is more than 5km (3 miles) long. It passes through a wide range of neighbourhoods, from Davenport Village to the Annex. The Green Line is already well used by local residents. It has splash pads, sports fields, allotment gardens, parking lots and children’s playgrounds, but the spaces are mostly in poor condition and the corridor does not currently provide a continuous physical connection due to grade changes and fencing.

The Green Line Ideas Competition asks architects, landscape architects, planners, urban designers, artists and community members to contribute to an overall vision for the public use of a 5km long stretch of hydro corridor from Davenport Village, all the way to the Annex. The competition will also ask for ideas to address safety and connections related to the rail underpasses (particularly at the intersection of Dovercourt and Geary Avenue).

The best ideas will be exhibited at a community event in the spring. The winning ideas will not be built, but they will be used to get the communities who live, study and work near the site to start discussing its future. The “Green Line” is already well used by local residents, but it has the potential to become an exemplary public space as well as a pedestrian and cycling link across midtown Toronto.

Workshop Architecture is organizing the Green Line Ideas Competition with support from Canada Council, Ontario Association of Architects, Astley Gilbert Limited, Spacing Media, and many more. Members of the Davenport Neighbourhood Association advised on the competition’s development. See for more info.


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