Halloween safety tips from Toronto Police

Halloween safety tips

The Toronto Police Service would like to take this opportunity to remind parents, caregivers, children and motorists that every effort should be made to keep Halloween a safe and enjoyable occasion.

Here are some general safety tips:

– consider dressing your child in a light-coloured costume. Reflective tape or armbands placed on the costume can help increase visibility. Carrying a small flashlight to light the way between houses is a good idea and helps make children more visible on dark residential streets

– if your child will be wearing a mask, increase the eye openings to improve vision. Consider the use of makeup as an alternative to wearing a mask

– prior to Halloween, ensure the costume is the proper length to reduce the risk of tripping. Do not allow your child to ride a bicycle while in costume; it could become tangled in the chain or spokes. If the costume is purchased, ensure it is made of flame-retardant material

– ensure children have something to eat before they begin to Trick-or-Treat. It’s very important that no treats are consumed until they have been carefully inspected by an adult

– young children should be accompanied by an adult. Older children should be encouraged to go out in groups, stay together and utilize the “buddy system”

– approach only lit houses

– discuss with your children the route they will be travelling and what time they are required to return home. They should stay in familiar neighbourhoods

– trick-or-treat along one side of the street, then cross over carefully to the other side. Avoid running back and forth across the street

– attention drivers! Children will be very excited and their actions could be sudden and unpredictable. Exercise caution and slow down.

– homeowners, make sure your yard is clear and safe. Please ensure pets are in a safe place so no harm will come to them or the children

Let’s all have a safe and happy Halloween.

Please click here for a Halloween colouring booklet.

Constable Wendy Drummond, Corporate Communications


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