Highway 427 project is to be the 1st new review project.

Looking north up the 427 from the west side. The nearer bridge is the interchange with Finch Avenue. In the distance is the much larger, much more recent interchange between Highways 427 and 407.

Picture Credit –Lone Primate Flickr

The rehabilitation of concrete pavement and highway structures on southbound collector lanes on Highway 427 is proposed to be the 1st project involving “constructability” reviews. Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation is undertaking a pilot project that will see their consultant’s plans reviewed by people and firms with a contracting background prior to tendering.

Rob Bradford of the Ontario Road Builders’ Association stated “It’s important that potential errors or changes that could cause constructability difficulties are caught before a project is tendered, thus avoiding costly problems during construction.”

WTO gains in two ways from this rehabilitation of the 427 which many people use a main throughway in and out of WTO is great, having some more eyes and thoughts on the work is even greater.

Article reporting this story link [Daily Commercial News]

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