How much does the Junction depend on the local No frills Store? Instant food desert with the closing of one No Frills Store. Updated.

the. Junction No Frills

The empty no-frills on Coxwell Avenue

No Frills stores and other basic discount supermarkets like Freshco,  and Food Basics, can be the food hub of an area and many are. Tim & Sue’s No Frills at 372 Pacific Ave, is one such store. The store is the only local walking and ready needs large food store in the community. If this store were to close the Junction would become a food desert for many of the food and household basics. Stores such as Sweet Potato and Ko Foods can provide an alternative source for most items,But They are not discount market oriented to provide the low cost everyday needs. Although they do provide low costs compared to larger firms in the market circle of organic and specialty groceries.

This past May a No Frills closed without notice on Coxwell Ave. leaving the area without a food supermarket. The company sated the store is to reopen. No Frills started a shuttle service will be available daily, every 15 minutes a few days after the closing, to another of their stores. This effort has helped many people in the area. The trip the me and the time required to wait for the shuttle bus at either end has greatly increased a short walk to buy food to a morning or afternoon trip.

The closing of ha e Coxwell Ave created a huge gap in the community it served. A community much like the Junction with a lower income sector, surrounded by a well kept community of homes, and upward thinking residents.

Statement from the company on the closing.

“We know people in the neighbourhood rely on Rocca’s No Frills for their grocery and budget needs, so we will be directing and shuttling customers to Dave & Charlotte’s No Frills at 449 Carlaw Ave., just two kilometres away. Starting on Friday, a shuttle service will be available daily, every 15 minutes, from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., with no service between 1 to 2 p.m.” source: Kevin Groh, Loblaws Companies Ltd.’s vice president of corporate affairs and communication in email to Metroland Media Toronto. click here to read story on the closing.

store front late in the day on May 11 2016



the store before closing

store rear on closing day May 11 2016

store reat 2nd week of July 2016

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  1. W. K. Lis says:

    I remember when I was a kid in the 1950’s, going to the new fanged Loblaws supermarket on Pacific Avenue.

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