Interested in doing the Junction a public favour?

You may not want to be a driver of a local public initiative, but want input and you may want a quick knowledge base to help you. Reading or even skimming the Gehl Institute Pubs, is a good and fun, and excitement inducing activity.

click the above image orhere to go to their download page.

a bit about the publisher from

The Knight Foundation has announced the launch of the nonprofit Gehl Institute, led by Gehl Architects’ Jeff Risom. With the Foundation’s financial support, the Institute strives to boost urban livability by increasing public engagement and economic opportunity through the reformation of public space. A series of studies will investigate the behavioral effects of streets, parks, and plazas on their occupants. The results, coupled with community involvement in the planning process, will be applied toward developing “people-first” public spaces that respond to their unique contexts. Through this approach, the Gehl Institute hopes to foster a new design field that addresses the widening social and economic concerns that accompany urbanization. For more information, visit

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