Interested in what the city looks like from a tower crane — follow this operator who tweets images from atop a Toronto Tower Crane

All above images by Skyjacked793
click image below to visit his Twitter page
and if you are really interested in tower cranes – why not read the best book out their about them..
Heres the 1st charpter to start you off in PDF click here

(the above file downloaded originally from

Cranes & Derricks

by Howard I. Shapiro

McGraw-Hill Companies | January 1, 1980 | Cloth Text

Everything you need to know about using cranes and derricksIf you employ cranes, trust one rock-solid reference to provide tried-and-tested guidelines for selecting and working with them safely and efficiently. Nothing available covers the subject with the depth and expertise you’ll find in Cranes and Derricks. The authors – Howard I.Shapiro, Jay P. Shapiro, and Lawrence K. Shapiro, are the principals of an international firm that’s helped define the state-of-the-art in crane and derrick engineering.This new third edition addresses…*the latest innovations and technologies, including new telescopic crane attachments and heavy-lift mobile crane arrangements – both telescopic and lattice boom – and newly-permitted partial outrigger extensions*a solution to the problem of crane stability under dynamic loading*crane support considerations, pick-and-carry work, tailing operations, site access and other site issues*new information on safety and accident avoidance and risk management*and much, much more.
cranes-and-derricks_ch01 cranes-and-derricks_ch01

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