Is it the Tim Hortons effect on the west Junction retail strip to be to lengthen it?


The Junction retail strip runs geographically from Annette St and Dundas St. West to the east and Runnymede Rd and Dundas St. West to the west.

For a  hundred years until the early 80’s the entire stripe was hopping.

Most days walking down Dundas St West in the strip was slow because of the crowds. Then the downturn came and the strip contracted so much so that when the local Business Improvement Area Association was formed – The Junction BIA they wisely choose at the time to limit their area of responsibility to the strip between Indian Rd to the east and Quebec Ave. to the west.

Now it seems the area west of Quebec Ave is coming into its own. The section just west of Quebec Ave has been full up with brew businesses for the past few years.

Now the area west of Clendenan Avenue is going though a very rapid change now, with a new  clothing store for women, a conversion of Joes barber shop into a unisex hair salon operated by his daughter.


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But what does that area of the retail strip  really need both for the community and the success of the business… the long needed Junction deli? More restaurants…a bistro prehaps?

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  1. A.R. says:

    One commendable aspect of the Dundas Street West streetscape overhaul which happened around the year 2000 when the overhead wires were buried and the ornamental street lights were installed–a great enhancement that should be more common in the city–was that it was not limited to the BIA’s boundaries as streetscape improvements sometimes are. It covered the entire part of Dundas that is associated with the Junction, though some include all of Dundas up to Bloor. Dundas from Annette to Bloor could use some investment, too. The hydro poles and overhead wires are ugly and the sidewalks are too narrow on that part of the street. The Dundas-Annette-Dupont-Old Weston Road intersection could be redesigned for better traffic flow on Dupont. I wonder if the storefronts around Jerome Street ever have a chance of becoming occupied by businesses again.

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