Is this a laneway? – does the Junction really have one less


This “laneway” running parallel with Dundas St W, between Medland Ave & and Pacific Ave may not even be a city laneway at all, although it is used as one by most people.

Monday while speaking with the individual who manages the Junction Arts Festival, who is someone who has to do a lot of difficult street use and throughway planning of all the access ways in and out of the Juncton area, for the period the festival takes place, explained to the writer of this post that this “laneway” may not be a public lane, but property associated with the stores on the Dundas street.

Further indication is that the surface of the lane is asphalt while, most city owed lanes are concrete.  During one of the next visits to the city, we will take a look at the surveys.


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  1. A.R. says:

    That’s odd. I’ve seen asphalt laneways in the past. And note the city’s lighting standard used here. And if this was a private laneway, then the street lighting should have metres.

  2. Theirry says:

    And note your terrible punctuation. Starting a sentence with And? Cmon now A.R., I’ve come to expect more from your blithering posts!

    • A.R. says:

      What are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong with starting a sentence with “and”. I don’t know why elementary school teachers taught that.

    • A.R. says:

      (Remember, they’re not my posts, but Junctioneer’s. I merely comment on them.)

  3. junctioneer says: (Author)

    Asphalt laneways, the lighting standard, agreed all seems weird to me but the festival guy was told by a city guy it was not on his plan.

    It’s an interesting investigation though.

  4. Martin says:

    The world according to Google (if that means anything) does not have this lane marked as a laneway. The laneway runs through the parking lot.

  5. Robert says:

    Great idea to chk Google Martin, so now part of the question did the green P at some time take over the lane way?

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