James Cooper House Condo proves pundits wrong, or High Park and Junctions will be better too.


High Park for sure and hopefully the Junction will be getting a bunch of new condos and all they will do is revilize two communities that need some zip.

Just like the High Park group rallying again the amount of condos coming to the High Park area many people in the Bloor St area were fighting against the James Cooper condo about ten years ago, for many of the same reasons. If they would have succeeded the area would not be the exciting, good place to live it is now.

Right now the area has the same issue as the High Park area a great amount of new condos being built now and even more sites being prepped.

As the Bloor St East strip from Church St. to the Don Valley Viaduct has the branch streets and avenues which spread off the Main Street repopulating with upmarket condos and upmarket rentals the area is having more street traffic by peope and improvements for small local retailers.

And that is what the Junction and High Park need, energy and movement to thought about creating their own Junction, one that encompasses all groups and classes.

The author of this blog was a great promoter of Junction and High Park protectionism, for years. But over the past 2 years having seen and been involved in many communities around Toronto, it became apparent the Junction and High Park protectionist and passive we are just fine stance, just will not make the area all the better.

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