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David Wencer pointed out this house to this author yesterday built by John Turner at 20 Jermone St. It is a wonderful house entirely faced in terra cotta. You can view the another house Mr Turner built for himself at 2549 Dundas St. West.

Mr Turner was also the designer and builder of the Annette St Bapist Church at 200 Annette St. 1 which now is  the Czechoslovak Baptist Church and is currently for sale. 2

Right next door to the Mr Turner’s terra cotta house is a house currently being postmordernized.


  1. Diana Fancher
  2. april 1st 2009 still for sale


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  1. A.R. says:

    The house is often referred to as the “Clay Tile House”.

  2. David says:

    I’ve heard it called the “clay tile house” (which is what it’s called on the city’s heritage inventory), as well as simply the “Turner House.” The city’s inventory could stand to be updated, however. It says 20 Jerome was built “ca. 1890,” although the records suggest it was built later, in 1905-06.

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