John Howard story of romantic who donated High Park from lost Toronto Public Library sketchbooks

The Toronto Public Library sketchbooks  had staff produce scrapbooks of news items for a period, the total amount of time the blog has been unable to ascertain. There are four volumes listed in the Microfilm files, but only two in the drawers. Staff at the Toronto Public Reference Library were kind enough to search for a roll of the film that was seemingly a backup if judged by the box. The approx 45 mins wait was worth it, the roll contained a huge amount of interesting Junction information, detailing the infrastructure development.


This post is the posting a PDF scan of one page of one sketchbook in volume 9, of John Howard  the person donated High Park, entitled, John Howard  story of romantic who donated High Park” A bit of a opinion here, but the research the blog has done on Mr Howard and his wife, clearly indicates she was involved as much as him  in the decision to  donate the park. The news accounts of the day give Mr Howard the credit.

1st are two screen shots of the articles headlines and the first two paragraphs, followed by a link to the one pdf PDF of the article framed for printing.


link below to PDF

John Howard story of romantic who donated High Park

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