JULIE BLACKMON’S wonderland image of children.

JULIE BLACKMON’S “The Hamster Handbook,” 2014, looks ordinary but offers a play within a play.
Photographs by Julie Blackmon Fahey/Klein G

Based in Springfield, Mo., and part of a large extended family there, Blackmon uses home — backyards, attics, garages — and the rituals that unfold there as the raw material for a body of work begun nearly a decade ago. The large color prints in her show “Down Time” at Fahey/Klein Gallery date from the last five years. Each frame is an absorbing, meticulously orchestrated slice of ethnographic theater, starring a Midwestern tribe of scuffed and diapered blonds
Full story here more images too.

Recently published book, “Homegrown,” restages the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover with a line of kids pulling a wagon of Girl Scout cookies through the crosswalk. 

11.5 x 13.5 inches, 108 pages, 45 color images.
Co-published with Robert Mann Gallery (NYC)

Foreword by Billy Collins

Interview by Reese Witherspoon

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