Junior junctionite picks Gabby kids half price night for dinner and approves with stars

Gabby’s restaurant which has a big picture window and a kids half price night on Tuesdays, both of which are high on the junior junctionite’s musts for restaurants. The restaurant received the more request after eating at the restaurant yesterday. The top review possible by this four year old.

Parents may be wanting to know, the service was great. The children’s food was ordered 1st as the parents decided – and came 1st – wonderful and the food was great with the beef still searing on the plate.

Gabby’s in the Junction at the top if High Park Ave. – 3026 Dundas St W


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  1. resident says:

    Wish they would remove two of the three lights they have illuminating their signage. It’s blinding to pedestrians.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      All Gabbys have this lighting, better position inward or a blocking vector would be great, thks for bring it up

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