Just south of the Canadian Border in North Dakota – Fracking lights up an area the size of a large city

“It’s a little to the left, high up near the Canadian border. Just run your eye up that line of lights at the center of the country, look over to the upper left: There’s a patch that looks like a big city — but there is no big city in that part of North Dakota. There’s mostly grass. So what are those lights doing there? What is that?”  source NPR

Fracking light up an area the size of a large city



Orange circle – an immense and startlingly new oil and gas field — nighttime evidence of an oil boom created by a technology called fracking.


Six years ago, this region was close to empty.

this century that the industry developed a way to pull that oil to the surface at a cost that made it practical. Fracking, as you probably know, means pumping water and chemicals down pipes, fracturing the rock, releasing the oil. source NPR

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