Let’s not forget Axis – the trailblazer watering hole and eatery.

It’s was Thursday night and the new Gabby’s restaurant is full but for two tables at one time during the evening. Rumour had it the Indie Ale House was jumping too.

Great, horse feet in the air that these two new establishments are so successful so fast – and even more success to them.

Yet lets as a community still spread our patronage to the older trail blazer restaurant that stuck the iron and got the drink and food restaurants off again on the Dundas Strip.


Location:McMurray Ave, and Dundas St. W. Toronto,Canada


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  1. junctionwino says:

    It is a trailblazer … but let’s hope their service and food improve now that there is some competition. Still rooting for them though.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’d love nothing more than to go to Axis more often but the patio is usually filled with smokers and a healthy dose of smoke usually it waffs through the place whenever the doors open.

  3. Sam says:

    I was at Indie Ale House last night, and it was indeed bumpin 🙂

  4. AV says:

    Axis will need to step up their game if they hope to fight off the new local upstarts. Inconsistent food coming from the kitchen and the aforementioned smokers paradise on the patio have put us off going there. Gabby’s and Indie Ale House have both been pleasant surprises and we look forward to Axis raising their level based on the fresh competition.

  5. JunctionFan says:

    Too much smoke to enjoy the patio in the summer 🙁
    That is their biggest draw; it’s not the menu or the quality of their taps. It’s time for an overhaul if they want a competitive edge in the Junction.

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