Local Doors Open event, on the Railpath

===\\DeRAIL: A Platform for Contemporary Art + Architecture====\\DeRAIL’s Hub

1900 Dundas St. W. (Located at Dundas St. W. and Sterling Rd., the southern entry point to the West Toronto’s Railpath (WTR) Park)

Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
‘DeRAIL’,in partnership with Doors Open Toronto, launches as a new platform for contemporary art and architecture. Situated within the vibrant landscape of the West Toronto Railpath, it expands public dialogue around placemaking, landscape and urbanism. It will be a site-responsive curated program of commissioned temporary and ephemeral works that explore neglected nodes along this 2.4 km car-free corridor.
For its inaugural commission, ‘DeRAIL’ presents Jason Logan of Toronto Ink Company. Educational, playful and participatory, the work draws attention to biodiversity and the inherent colours of the railpath and celebrates new ways of understanding a familiar place beyond its usual functionality. As an artist, Jason explores the city through material collection, processing found materials into palettes of ink.
The artist and volunteers will lead hour long walks each day to gather a collection of materials, determined by the artist, to make bottles of ink as a souvenir of place, time and experience. Participants can then create a painting that will hang in the Gallery of Public Art. For people who do not wish to take part in the walk, pre-made inks will be available for making paintings.  
Walks are scheduled for 11 am and 2 pm each day and can accommodate up to 25 people each. To pre-register, please visit the DeRAIL website below.
‘DeRAIL’ is curated by landscape architect Victoria Taylor and designer Gelareh Saadapajouh.
In partnership with DeRAIL Art. 

Photo Credit: Gelareh Saadapajouh

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