Long awaited wine bar to come applications in


3047 Dundas St. West, was purchased for creating this kitchen and wine bar, great to see it happening. (it is the white building in the above image)

Named Bricco Kitchen and Wine bar, Bricco is a label term found on wines from Italy’s piedmont region, referring to a vineyard’s summit or highest point and on the belief that hillside vineyards are superior for grape growing.





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  1. Nice to see this finally evolve after a few years of it being mentioned. Wonder if this burst of action had something to do with the recent openings of Gabby’s and Indie Ale House bringing more foot traffic into the area at night. Sure, they cater to different market segments but the idea of the Junction having a more overall magnetic attraction re: nightlife and attractions may have helped.

    BTW, wonder what is stalling the conversion of Bakers Dozen…suppose to become Tim Hortons from what I heard. Also the Dollarama entry in what was BlockBuster.

  2. Dean Tudor says:

    Well. the wine bar will add a certain flourish to the area, but I think markups would be the same as at regular restaurants. Choice might be better. They’ll need to be innovative, with smaller samples, specials, classes, food and wine matching, cheeses, nuts etc. Flights of wines are needed: you should learn something at a wine bar, not just sip wine.

  3. Dean Tudor says:

    BUT — your server appears to be operating on DST, not EST .. if you wanted to keep the time stamp clear. Right now, it is Dec 4, 11:32.

  4. Sam says:

    Great news! I’m also wondering what the hold up is with Tim’s and Dollarama.

  5. William says:

    I love wine. 🙂

  6. Smodes says:

    If you’re talking hold ups, don’t forget to include the subway which has been “coming soon” for a few years now…

    All of these additions are great for the junction…

  7. Raymond says:

    Maybe Subway needs to look for another location. It’s not the best spot. Does the Junction need another sub shop?

    • smodes says:

      A stable, non-offensive franchise can’t hurt. Much better than the vacant store front. Not sure what the junction “needs.” Maybe a return of Shoppers Drug Mart? LCBO? Keg?
      Would be interesting to hear a wish-list from blog followers…

      • Wish-list is a great idea…agree with Pauline that a fruit & veg place may be desirable…unless folks think Sweet Potato already fills that niche. Proximity to nearest LCBO may be an issue but what about a Wine Rack or other Ontario boutique wine outlet? What about day-to-day stables shopping vs. nightlife experience locations? What is still lacking in the Junction re: amenities?

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Its nice to see its not another cafe thats opening. This area has been waiting for a proper Italian restaurant! From what I’ve heard the gentleman is a well known sommelier and has a long career in the restaurant business. I’ve been living in this area for over 30 years and its great to see the transformation it is going through and has gone through. It is young, vibrant and very family friendly. Being of Italian descent I hope he stays true to his roots and prepares some “old school” traditional and simple dishes, (please no pasta alla vodka or pasta primavera). If I could add one suggestion, on my many trips to Italy I ate at many restaurants all over and one place actually served me my espresso at my table in a traditional single serve “caffetiera” or Italian coffee maker. I thought it was a great idea and made me really feel at home. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

  9. Pauline says:

    Can’t wait for this place to open! I will be a regular for sure 🙂

    As for what else the Junction could use…I think a good veg & fruit shop. Like Green Thumb in Bloor West.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Yes Green Thumb just went their this evening, we really need a veg & fruit shop like them. I even like the cash only sales method they use it really speeds things up.

  10. Mitch says:

    To the owner. I have over 30 years experience as a chef in Italian kitchens. I am looking for something new and exciting and this sounds like it may be it. I am not sure if you have someone in mind already but I would love to sit down with you and discuss possible ideas and my qualifications. Thanks.

  11. janet says:

    Why is no one discussing Playa Cantina? Sister to Playa Cabana in Yorkville. Amazing restaurant, and this one is going to be gorgeous thanks to furnishings from Smash across the street. Easily the most exciting news since the Indie Ale House opened with their delicious beer.
    Now that another great restaurant is opening here is my wish list:
    fruit&veg stand

  12. KD says:

    Ko’s is the other green grocer in the Junction.

  13. KD says:

    Don’t forget about Ko’s….they are a wonderful green grocer.

  14. Raymond says:

    LCBO looked at Blockbuster and walked away. Likely because of no free parking.

  15. T says:

    I vote LCBO and butcher shop too. Perhaps a Rowe Farms?
    There is a fruit and veggie stand already, called Ko Foods near Keele. It has extremely fresh produce.

  16. Andrew says:

    Already have the best Butcher in the hood. Butcher By Nature. Being going there ever since it opened.

  17. Raymond says:

    Whatever happened to Bulk Barn? Many months ago word was they had City permit to locate in the old Maple Leaf Mill warehouse on Junction Road at Keele? Still vacant.

  18. ScotToronto says:

    How many LCBO’s do we need?
    There are already 2 in the junction…. Keele & St. Clair & Jane & Dundas.

    Perhaps a Beer Store Express would work in this area.

    BulkBarn is opening in the Stockyards Centre.

  19. Sam says:

    Dollarama signs have gone up at the old Blockbuster site. Looks like it’s actually happening

    • Smodes says:

      And the “subway – coming soon” looks to be no longer destined for the junction. The sign is now down after a couple years…

  20. Stephany says:

    I would love a nice Ontario wine store – it would compliment all of the local and organic stuff we have to have sprouting up in the hood. How about a great fish market and a place for fab upscale fish and chips? Licensed, of course…. 😉 I also would love a good butcher. Butcher by Nature is great, but it’s a bit far from those of us at the other end of The Junction.

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