Lost Grenadiers Gave Pond it’s name.


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Tragedy of 1812 recalled at Empire Loyalists’ Picnic
Howard House Visited
Perfect picnic weather was provided the happy gathering of United Empire Loyalists yesterday afternoon at High Park. The picnic was held near the old Howard residence, and a tour of the house and gardens preceded the supper, which was spread on one of the grassy points overlooking Grenadier Pond.
   Interesting comments on the historical location were made by several members of the association. Lieut.-Col. George  Shaw, who was one of the founders of the U.E.L. Association, gave the story of the lost platoon of Grenadiers in the wilderness during the War of 1812 and the finding of the Grenadiers’ helmets in the ice in the spring. The pond was named for this incident.
It might be said that the gathering yesterday included the descendants of  the “loyalist of the loyal”, for these comprised many whose family histories recount brave deeds and heroic service for Canada and the Empire.
Among these was Miss Laura Secord Clarke, granddaughter of Laura Secord, pioneer Canadian heroine and saver of Canadian armies. Several listed the defenders of Canadian homes in the War of 1812 in their families.  Colonel Shaw’s father was an officer in that war, and had the distinction of building the first house in Toronto.
There were others at this picnic who not only traced a direct connection with Canada’s first serious war when the life and property of her citizens were menaced, but also with the Great War. Some of these had seen the same spirit of loyalty possessed by pioneer grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

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