Maltese community wants to rename Runnymede Park to Malta Park



City info for consideration on


1. That Etobicoke York Community Council direct staff to report back on the feasibility of

Renaming Runnymede Park in Ward 11 to Malta Park
renaming Runnymede Park in Ward 11 to Malta Park pursuant to the City of Toronto naming policy and further to rename the current Malta Park in Ward 13 to another appropriate name.
Summary (Letter from Councillor Frances Nunziata)
A request has come to my office to re-name Runnymede Park, located in Ward 11, to Malta Park in honour of the Maltese Community. Currently there is a City park with the name “Malta Park,” in Ward 13, located at 3179 Dundas Street West. The Maltese community is requesting that do to the high concentration of Maltese people around Runnymede Park that it be renamed Malta Park to coincide with the demographics of the community.

The Maltese community holds their annual picnic in this park to celebrate their heritage. This event draws a tremendous crowd and continues to grow on an annual basis. The park is filled with members of the community, musicians and artists; and the sense of pride cannot be missed.

The Park is strategically located amongst the many small Maltese businesses, Maltese Church and many cultural clubs that currently exist. It is also a key and central place where members of the Maltese community often meet. As such, this area has been designated by the City as Little Malta. The renaming of the park would further enhance the presence of the Maltese Community and help to ensure their heritage is maintained.
Background Information
(March 13, 2013) Letter from Councillor Frances Nunziata, Ward 11, York South-Weston, regarding the renaming of Runnymede Park to Malta Park

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  1. Raymond says:

    And what do they propose naming the existing Malta Park? How about Tim Horton’s Park?

  2. junctionist says:

    This proposed name change doesn’t make much sense. There’s already a Malta Park nearby, and the area’s demographics are diverse, with Canadians of Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Filipino and Jamaican descent, for instance.

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