Community Yard Sale June 13th 2009



Need motivation to get started on your Spring Cleaning ?

Residents of Mc Murray and Vine Avenue are organizing a community yard sale.  Of course we welcome any other streets in the adjacent area who want to get organized and participate in the community yard sale.  Please just let us know by posting a comment on this blog with the street name and organizer so we make sure you are included in the flyers.

add your street by commenting                ….download the poster….


Saturday, June 13th

9 am – 2 pm

To be followed

by a Community Potluck Party in Vine Parkette


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  1. ki says:

    i’m up on mulock avenue (just north of vine, just east of keele) and would love to organize for our street and participate in this event.

    kimberley orton

  2. Denise says: (Author)

    That is great Kimberley! Louis or I will be in contact soon about the yard sale. In the meantime it would be great if you could spread the news to your neighbours. Excellent…it is now the Mc Murray, Vine and Mulock Community Yard Sale! Any other organizers willing to bring your street on board? Where are you Pacific, Hook, Quebec, Clendenan, and Maria?

  3. Vanda says:

    I live on the Clendenan Ave, north of Dundas. I do not know many of my neighbours but I would like to give it try. This might be just an opportunity to get to know each other better. Thanks for organizing.

  4. Shelagh Alexander says:

    I live on Jackson Place – we are a small street but I would like to participate in the yard sale. I will approach my neighbours about getting involved. But even if they don’t have anything to contribute, I have a ton of cool stuff for sale. Can I enroll even if it’s just me?

  5. Teresa Guardia says:

    I was planning to have a yard sale in front of my house earlier, on May 1st. I would like to participate in the June 13th community yard sale, too. Is that possible? I live on Vernon Street next door to the nicest of neighbours.

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