Metrolinx Announcement including Liberty Village and Junction/Stock yards for a Go/Smart Tracks Station.


new Announcement including Liberty Village and Junction/Stock yards for a Go/Smart Tracks Station.

All text below, CBC Thks to reader Manny for sending this in.

Liberty Village and Stockyards stations part of SmartTrack
Two stops, at Liberty Village and at St. Clair and Keele, will also be part of Toronto’s SmartTrack plan. Tory ran his mayoral election on the creation of SmartTrack, a plan that would use existing rail paths to connect transit hubs. He originally proposed 13 stops, but later scaled that back to six.
Tory, the architect of the SmartTrack, calling it “a bright new day for Toronto commuters.”
Liberty Village has been particularly isolated in terms of transit: a private bus company attempted to launch there last year.
“We’re not out just talking about public transit, we are inaugurating new services,” Tory said.
“Twenty-five years from now, I don’t think anybody will be debating SmartTrack. I don’t think they’ll be debating any of the transit extensions we are making today.”
The four new GO stations will be brought forward for approval to the Metrolinx board at the next meeting on June 28. Approval also depends on Toronto city council approving the city’s financial contribution to the stops.
Del Duca and Tory last joined forces to announce details of the extension to the Bloor-Danforth subway line in Scarborough.


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  1. Raymond says:

    St.Clair/Keele/Old Weston Road location will attract a great number of riders as has Weston and Bloor. NOT!

    A waste of money.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Hopefully, but I wonder, if building a station there will bring people to live and reno that particular intersection area. Much like the Metroland extension of the tube in London UK did. The Metroland tracks in the UK where also surface tracks.

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