Mobis  Curve 1982 michael clay, as beautiful as a orange Jube Jube.

Some information on Mr Clay.

Michael exhibited at various art shows and was invited to become an artist-in-residence at Scarborough’s Guild Inn in 1980. During his 13 years there, he created stone sculpture that is found in public spaces and private collections. He focused primarily on contemporary human and animal forms, working in materials such as limestone, alabaster and serpentine. He collaborated with E.B. Cox on a variety of installations and was commissioned for restoration work for the Canadian Heritage Foundation, museums and governments.

When his marriage ended, his “cottage” at the Guild Inn became Michael’s home, as well as his studio and gallery. It was a hub for artists and friends and the scene of many a bacchanalia. Weekend visits with sons Michael Jr. and Jeremy were filled with camping on the beach at the Scarborough Bluffs, treks in the woods, archery practice, and love. Because Michael never forgot the fear of displacement, his door and his heart were open to anyone who needed a bed, a shower or a beer.
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Scarborough, Ontario | The Guild  | 201 Guildwood Parkway
Commissioned by Spencer Clark, The Guild of All Arts

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