More Junction shops that look great at night, they beat the Bloor West Village in ambience!

A few early mornings ago this blog author was driving from the old Christie plant on Lakeshore Rd.  at about 2am to the exhibition grounds, while making a stop on Sterling Rd.  The route brought me through Bloor West Village up Pacific Ave, and east on Dundas St. W.  Slowly as well I was in no hurry. 

It was rather shocking, so much had changed TWICE, Bloor West Village, whose shops banned together in the 70’s to capture the Junction’s retail thunder, has become a collection of disjointed shops seemingly all about simply shopping. For a couple of decades the Bloor West Village Strip, felt and worked like a community square only on a strip of roadway. 

Now the Junction, has regained a good portion of its place as a separate place in the city. 

There are shops, stores, and businesses which have reason to be in the Junction for purposes other than just shopping. Shops like Articulations where classes meld with community culture creation, and Cut the Cheese, a foody establishment, with a real interest in creating great food com a basic premise.
The night side of great looking Junction Shops. (Not a complete photo essay)

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